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6 Free Bootstrap Tutorials

Get familiar easily with one of the best frontend framework

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6 Free Bootstrap Tutorials
6 Free Bootstrap Tutorials

It’s not a secret that Bootstrap is a handy framework which saves a web designer from headaches such as taking care of website responsiveness, customisation of website elements, usage of Javascript plugins and others.   

If you are just starting your front end development journey - you will not regret learning about this essential framework. For some we do recommend to go through its documentsation on the official website

However, if you are not one of those who like to read plain explanations, here are 5 online tutorials which will become kickstarters for your way to an easier web design.


1. Learn Bootsrtap 4 Video Tutorial (By Brad Hussey)

A nicely demonstrating quick start tutorial which explains pretty well everything you need to know to use Bootsrtap 4: from the download and installation to walk through process of coding a startup website and using a SASS css extension. The author teaches how to create a responsive website and shows the examples of free templates. 13 videos of 15 minutes in average explain it all in a detailed, clear and friendly manner. 


2. Bootstrap 4 Tutorial: Create a One-Page Template (By Sam Norton)

A longread with pictures and step by step instruction will walk you through setting up the necessary files, work with basic markup, grids, jumbotron, typography class and many more in order to create your one one page template. Great for those who prefer learning through reading without hitting the pause button like on the video lessons.


3. Bootstrap 4 tutorial – best & free guide of responsive web design (By Michal Scymanski)

Awesome example of tutorial which is able to provide more examples of practical use of Bootstrap on 4 different projects, such as admin dashboard, landing page, automated web application and a corporate website. It also slightly highlights some SASS, Git, Gulp, PHP and other related. It will get you familiar with basic project structure, full variety of website elements and beside that will teach to add some cool functionalities to your website: push notifications, components initialisation, advanced navigation layouts, creation of scoring algorithm, triggering of Bootstrap modals and many other cool stuff worth to try.


4. Learn Bootstrap 4 in 30 minutes by building a landing page website (by FreeCodeCamp)

A comprehensive list of written lessons with shown examples and explanations on getting started with Bootstrap and by building a landing page website. It is quite pleasant to know it was created with a consideration of  Bootstrap. Most code examples presented there are interactive means you can try them as you go.


5. Introduction to Responsive Design Using Bootstrap (by Microsoft)

Alison offers a free course by Microsoft, which will be useful for those who are hunting for CV enhancing certificates, as it offers one but not for free.  All you need to do is to sign in and start. At the end complete the assessment questionnaire if you want to check your knowledge. All modules are free, there are no pitfalls except that a user has to wait 6 seconds before he can proceed to each of the modules or to purchase an ad free version of it, which is, in our opinion, not really necessary.


6. Introduction to Bootstrap - A Tutorial (By Microsoft)

A self paced course requires you to dedicate 1-2 hours per week or more if you want to complete if faster. If you choose this course be prepared for both video lectures and a written reference material about how to implement Bootstrap on existing websites, its components and themes. You will have assessment tests, labs, discussion with the teacher and other students which will definitely make you feel like you are in a class.



As you can see there a are pretty good choice of resources to master Bootstrap so don’t be afraid and grab whichever you like. All of them assume that you are familiar with HTML/CSS and will work as nice bridge to learn front-end development deeper.

If you have any related thought feel free to write us in the comment section below. Good luck!

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Good list of resources to learn bootstrap. Even the following bootstrap resource is very good for learning. Please check it, if it is good, add it to the list.

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