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Htmlstream - your frontend friend.

We are here not to take away your clients, we are here to help to do your job.

By Htmlstream -
Htmlstream - your frontend friend.
Htmlstream - your frontend friend.

Welcome to Htmlstream! Let us introduce ourselves, we are a team of coders, web designers, UI/UX specialists who decided to pack their experience and useful resources, put it together and share with you!

All our team is scattered around the World and have been serving more than 35 000 grateful users from all over the globe by helping them to create websites faster and easier since 2011. Our principles always have been based on generosity to our users, and designing front end solutions as good, clean and modern, as we would do it for ourselves. We started by creating a premium Bootstrap template - Unify, which is known for its bombastic updates and professional look. All of our users know if they need a help - they can count on us. Beside that, we work on custom projects and loving it. Since we started, years passed and we thought, hey, why not to bring more of useful and gorgeous frontend resources helping other web designers? We all work for the same mission: the happier users - the better world is, right?

What are the surprises that we prepared for you:

  • We create Bootstrap themes, awesome UI kits and code snippets.
  • We break the stereotype that freebies should be great as premium products.

What’s most important - we get inspired by helping you to work on websites , it works as a motor for us.

Moreover, we are those guys who let you use all of our freebies under MIT license means you can use it in any way and do whatever you want with it, which will give you new infinite opportunities with your creative plans.  

Our products users vary from experienced ones to beginners and therefore often we are getting questions like:

  • How to achieve a clean design?
  • How to perform a research which will make website look professional and help it to stand out?
  • What are the frameworks to use?

We have been through times when we had to learn all these “HOWs”, finding the best ways, techniques, resources, tools and principles which work the best for each specific case and going to share if with you in our Blog.

Only a mixture of good web design, knowledge of UI, User Experience, psychology and its principles will work magic for your website. Tips and recommendation on how to achieve the highest efficiency while working with resources that we share are going to be added as well. So if you are interested do not forget to check Htmlstream Blog, as we plan to share lots of interesting for you stuff there.

We hope that we can become your best frontend friend :)

So let the journey begin!

Comments (4)

Александр А
Александр А User
5 years ago


It would be great if you create some post about using Unify (hs.js components, form validations etc)

Htmlstream Author
5 years ago

Hi, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sure, we do have great plans for future articles. Please do let us know if you have more suggestions.

Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen User
4 years ago

Previously I bought your a product. the now, the product has the amp yet ?

Htmlstream Author
4 years ago

Hi, unfortunately at the moment we do not have AMP products. Thanks!

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