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Christina Kray

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Christina started his recruitment career on the agency side. Since then, she’s built a career helping customers get the most out of HR technology. She’s currently a Customer Success Specialist at Space and spends her time speaking to in-house recruiters all over the world - helping them solve their recruitment challenges, and get the most out of our talent acquisition software.

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Should You Buy An Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is an expensive device that comes with some interesting features, but not everyone needs them.

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I don't want to switch from Android to iPhone because Apple's ecosystem is too good

Apple's ecosystem is second to none, and it comes with great functionality.

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This Watch gym partnerships give you perks for working out

For a lot of people these days, watch matters.

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Announcing Front Strategies: Ready-to-use rules

Today we're launching a new product to make it easier to get started with Front.