Media Videos

Base Components are usually small helper components to build Block Components.
These Components can be easily used and customized in any blocks.

Responsive Video Examples

You may use Vimoe, Youtube, Facebook and HTML5 videos by using resonsive aspect ratio utility classes. In these examples, we use Aspect ratio (16:9) by default using the following classes .embed-responsive and .embed-responsive-16by9

Youtube example

Responsive Aspect Ratios

Allow browsers to determine video or slideshow dimensions based on the width of their containing block by creating an intrinsic ratio that will properly scale on any device by using .embed-responsive and .embed-responsive-* classes, * can be 21by9, 16by9, 4by3 and 1by1. For more details, please check out Bootstrap Responsive embeds page. All examples by default uses Vimeo embed vidoes.

Aspect ratio (16:9)

Use a class embed-responsive-16by9 for aspect ratio (16:9)

Aspect ratio (21:9)

Use a class embed-responsive-21by9 for aspect ratio (21:9)

Aspect ratio (4:3)

Use a class embed-responsive-4by3 for aspect ratio (4:3)

Aspect ratio (1:1)

Use a class embed-responsive-1by1 for aspect ratio (1:1)

Parallax Video Background with Fancybox

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